I have written on numerous topics and in various contexts. My goal with this collection of sample pieces is to give a sense of myself as a writer in the big picture, to provide examples of my style and my ability to find and express a narrative.

Art: I have recently begun collaborating with contemporary artist Linda Karshan on an upcoming New York project: here is the proposal I wrote to pitch to the venue, the full-length monograph is coming soon. Linda Karshan: What the Body Does

Music: These are program notes I wrote for Chamber Music Tulsa, for their “evening salon” concert series aimed at reaching new audiences and introducing unfamiliar listeners to classical music, and concert reviews I wrote as their “field agent” scouting interesting ensembles to book for upcoming seasons.

Travel and tourism: In 2016, I was commissioned to research and write a tour guidebook to the American South for a client from the United Kingdom. It was a fascinating project, and I hope to take myself on the tour someday too! A Tour of the American South

The romance of football: These are a small selection, and happen to be my favorites, of the articles I wrote for Italian Football Daily in 2014-15. We were mostly a news-oriented site but whenever possible I pitched longer-form player profiles and – especially – explorations of the history of the game and its great characters.


Personal essays and creative writing: Admit it, everybody does it. Here are a few blog pieces that I’m mildly proud of.

  • Manuscripts Don’t Burn – an aspiring writer in search of Authenticity does battle with technological reality. Featuring a scheming virtual typewriter named Winston.
  • Nocturne – portrait of the artist as a New York bar fly.